2018 Isle of Man Pobjoy Silver Angel

The 2018 Isle of Man Pobjoy Mint Silver Angel is one of the most beautiful and detailed coins in the world. The coin shows the archangel Michael slaying the dragon in the classic battle between good and evil.  The first character on the coin is the archangel Michael, in all his glory, with his feathered wings spread out, standing over a dragon with his spear.  You can see every individual feather in his wings it’s unbelievable!

Laying at the bottom of the coin is the evil dragon.  His left arm grasping at the spear while his fiery breath dances around Michael’s shield.  The outside edge is draped in a braided ring that frames the coin…it’s a true piece of art.  There’s so much detail in the coin you have to see it to believe it.

This coin is graded in perfect proof 70 condition and there’s only 37 of these that exist in the entire world. The angel series goes back all the way to the year 1465.  Over 600 years!!

*mintage 15,000

* originally thought to bring good luck and health

*introduced by King Edward IV in 1465

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