2019 Canadian Maple Leaf

We just got in an exclusive release on one of the most popular coins in the entire world.   The 2019 2-ounce silver Maple Leaf, Canada’s version of the American Silver Eagle.

This coin features the iconic maple leaf freshly blown off of a maple tree.  The texture and detail are unbelievable.  Now here’s where it gets good.  For the first time ever, the background is layered in one of the rarest metals in the world, black rhodium.  The effect it has on the coin is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It looks like the leaf is shining while flying through the night sky.  You have to hold it in your hands to believe it.

Out of the 4,000 coins minted, only 80 exist in perfect 70!  That breaks down to about 1.6 coins per state and we are only releasing this coin to collectors in the United States.  That means all Canadian coin collectors have to come to you to get the coin.

Special details of this coin include:

  • 5th and final effigy of queens Elizabeth
  • original design from the first ever maple leaf
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