The Athenian Owl from Niue

Do you know what the most influential coin of all time is?  It’s the Athenian Owl.  It goes back over 2,000 years and was the world’s first widely used international coin!

Now, what do they do before a football game to decide who gets the ball first? They flip a coin. This coin popularized putting heads on one side and tails on the other so you can thank the ancient Greeks for how we start football games!

This gorgeous coin is inspired by the original design of the coin from 510 BC.  It features the goddess of war Athena’s symbol of wisdom, the owl. The owl is standing on a branch with his wide eyes searching the night sky with the crescent moon shining behind him. It is a piece of art! Not only is this coin stunning, it’s also graded by the NGC in perfect MS70 condition and there are only 6 that exist in MS70 grade in the entire world.

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