The Carson City Mint, Nevada

The United States Mint in Carson City, Nevada was created in 1863 and put into operation in 1870. The Mint was in operation from 1870 through 1885. They went into a brief hiatus and resumed their operations in 1889. The mint operated until 1893 when they closed permanently.

The Carson City Mint primarily minted silver coins; however, it also minted gold coins. The CC Mint produced coins in 21 different years.

The CC Mint was during the peak of the silver boom and was located near a Nevada silver mine. The mint was established in Carson City to mint silver coins from the Comstock Lode. From 1895 to 1933, the former mint building served as the United States Assay Office for gold and silver. The state of Nevada bought the building from the federal government in 1939. Most of the coins struck here, especially Morgan dollars, are highly desirable to collectors.

Currently the old Carson City Mint is the now the Nevada State Museum.

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